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Late Easter post. Our baby is getting bigger!

Made it to work in one piece.

Reading bio of #futureboss is giving me chills..and a headache #kkbobo #nevercouldvebeenalawyer #goesovermyhead #shakininmyheels #overreacting? LOL

Yes, I chopped it ALL off. It took me weeks to decide to finally do it. And I LOVE it! 

My peg was Ginnifer Goodwin. Almoooost, but not quite. Since I do have curly hair. I’m ecstatic just the same.

Summer, my hair is ready for you.

Quinoa convert!

(via gnumblr)

Red and green seedless grapes.

Ripe Philippine mangoes.

Fresh raspberries.




Fresh coconut.

WE should all visit before the Maldives succumbs to global warming. So sad, it would be such a waste of a beautiful island. 


Exclusive Tropical Retreat in Maldives: Reethi Rah Five-star Resort

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